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Italian food is our love language; itā€™s simple, authentic and from the heart. We deliver Napoli and Sicilian-style pizza quickly to your door. Its pizza you'll love.

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Sometimes You Just Need A Pizza In Somerton Park

We all love the beach at Somerton Park, and that's why we don't always want to be stuck in the kitchen making a meal, especially when we've just had "one of those days". Grabbing a takeaway pizza in Somerton Park has never been easier thanks to our app and innovative idea of doing away with telephone calls and cash - annoying things that get in the way of making and delivering a really good, hot and tasty slice of freshly made pizza.

Our North Adelaide pizzas are made using fresh quality ingredients and our heavenly recipe was created by our world-renowned pizza chef and consultant because we know what goes into making a really good, authentic Italian-style pizza. We've tried a fair few of them and we know what works.

Hey Bianca pizza in Somerton Park comes in two styles: Naples-style pizza, just the way it should be - perfectly round, hot and handmade this delicious Napoletana pizza comes with an array of toppings to choose from that will get your taste buds tingling. Or Sicilian style pizza - with it rectangular shape and inspirations of Sicily, the focaccia style base is deep, hot and fresh, with succulent toppings to select.

How To Order A Hey Bianca Takeaway Pizza At Somerton Park

When you've got that St Clair pizza craving, you definitely don't want the disappointment of a cold, soggy pizza that has sat in its box for too long. You want a Somerton Park pizza delivery that brings you your pizza hot and fresh from the oven. Read More

Don't worry if you're not feeling very tech savvy, ordering and tracking your order has never been easier using our technology. Simply download the app, scroll through the menu and the trickiest part is deciding whether to have rolled-up Sicilian garlic bread dripping in garlic oil and oregano to accompany your pizza, or melt-in-the-mouth cheesy garlic bread. You can pick up your Somerton park takeaway pizza yourself or have it delivered to your door, just select the option that suits you best. And don't forget, $5 will automatically come off your first order once you download the app.

Once you've tried one of our Bianca pizzas in Somerton Park we know you will want to tell your friends about us so they too can get $5 off their first order. And as a thank you to you for spreading the word, if you share one of our referral links with them, you also get another $5 off when they place their first order! Read Less

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Taste the closest thing to being in Italy.


Layers of cheese, topped with crispy potato.


Thick Sicilian dough, with Brooklyn's finest!Ā 

Everyone Can Enjoy Top Quality Pizzas Delivery in Somerton Park

We know that not everyone likes a juicy, spicy meat feast pizza delivered, that's why we've got veggie options for our vegetarian friends, and we offer vegan options too using vegan cheese, simply click on the option that you want.

What about gluten-free? Yes, Hey Bianca offer that option too. Our chefs make gluten-free bases in-house every day using Caputo gluten-free flour, so you don't have to worry about sacrificing any flavour, your gluten-free pizza will be just as tasty!

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