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Italian food is our love language; it’s simple, authentic and from the heart. We deliver Napoli and Sicilian-style pizza quickly to your door. Its pizza you'll love.

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The #1 Pizza Takeaway for Residents of Glenelg

What's the saying? If you want something done properly, then do it yourself? Well, that's exactly what we did here at Hey Bianca. Our goal was to create a hole in the wall restaurant serving the best pizza Glenelg have ever eaten! We've had too many spoiled pizza nights over the years due to poor delivery practises, that we simply had enough and decided to create our own brand. Now, with thanks to our innovative and super efficient pizza delivery, Glenelg's inhabitants will enjoy a piping hot and delicious Unley pizza each and every time. Read More

That's a pretty big claim, we know, but here's how we get the job done. Far too many establishments focus solely on the pizza, but not how it's going to travel. What sets us apart from other pizza takeaways, Glenelg, is that we've created a business model with our customers in mind, and of course, that includes the transportation of our delicious goods. Our industrial kitchen, driver machinery and distribution resources were all developed with delivery as the core of what we do. Read Less

Pizza Delivery Straight to Your Glenelg Home

You've heard us correctly, if you choose Hey Bianca to settle those cravings, then you're guaranteed to have the bestpizza takeaway Glenelg has to offer. Our authentic, Napoli and Sicilian style pizzas are a little slice of heaven for your taste buds. There's something for everyone at Hey Bianca, as we cater for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free dietary requirements. Gone are the days when you're stuck with a lousy, ‘cheese free' option, but instead enjoy a complete range of alternatives that we're sure you won't find with other brands. And if that's not enough, we also have a selection of mouth watering sides, drinks and desserts to make your night complete. There really is no better place to go for your pizza in Glenelg.

THIS MONTH'S Popular Pizzas


Taste the closest thing to being in Italy.


Layers of cheese, topped with crispy potato.


Thick Sicilian dough, with Brooklyn's finest! 

How to Purchase the Best Pizza Glenelg Residents Will Ever Taste

Want to know how you can get your hands on the very best pizza in Glenelg? Well, first things first, we prefer to put our sole focus on the quality of our Aberfoyle Park pizzas, so that's why we operate as a takeaway and delivery service only. To put in your order, come down to one of our stores, or alternatively, place your request via our website or app. We're open 7 days a week, so whether your celebrating, commiserating or just fancy a taste of the good stuff, then the team at Hey Bianca will be here supplying your delicious pizza in Glenelg.

Did you know that you can get $5 off your first pizza delivery in Glenelg when you spend on our Hey Bianca app? The discount will be automatically applied at check out, yes, it really is that easy! And if you can't wait until then, why not check out our Instagram and Facebook accounts? See what our well-fed customers have to say about our pizza places in adelaide, and hey, you may even get some topping inspiration while you're at it.

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