We Really
didn't have a choice

There’s no denying a pizza craving once it’s in your mind – you get home after a bad day and all you want is a mouthwatering slice of hot, fresh pizza delivered to your door. You go to your usual food delivery app, wait 40-60 minutes and finally your pizza arrives, only to be stone cold and flavourless. Your bad day just got worse and your hangry mood is now plain angry.

We did
Something about it

This is what happened to us, we fell in love with the flavour and quality of authentic Italian pizza, but having it delivered was a frustrating experience – we’ve all been there! It’s soggy, cold and completely stuck to the roof of the box. It’s not the restaurant’s fault it arrived like that, how it was delivered was the problem. We realised little care, effort or sense of urgency was taken during delivery, so we were given this cold, expensive pizza without any reparation. 

We knew we could do this task well, researching (well, eating) everything there is to know about pizza and its many styles. Enter our world-renowned pizza chef/consultant and we were on our way to creating a stellar recipe that really delivers! Our business model is built around delivery, from our industrial kitchen to driver technology, delivery resources to our great customer service, Hey Bianca is pizza that’s been made to close the gap between Italy and your tastebuds.
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