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254 Pulteney St, Adelaide CBD

Italian food is our love language; it’s simple, authentic and from the heart. We deliver Napoli and Sicilian-style pizza quickly to your door. Its pizza you'll love.

Average 30-min
Authentic Naples
& Sicilian Pizza
4.9 stars
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Got a Craving for Pizza in the Unley Area?

We get it, once that craving for hot delicious pizza hits you just have to give in to it. Unfortunately though, when you have ordered pizza in Unley before we're sure you've been disappointed more than once. Most West Beach pizza restaurants don't focus on delivery, so you wait ages only for your pizza in Adelaide to arrive cold, soggy, or both. Half of your toppings get stuck to the lid. They're great when they leave the restaurant, but not enough care is put into the delivery, and nobody wants to have to cook when you've been looking forward to a delicious no-effort pizza.

Well, that's where Hey Bianca comes in. We were fed up with disappointing pizza deliveries, so we worked hard to base our business model around delivery. Our hard-working team prepare delicious pizzas in our industrial kitchens. Then we package them well and use speedy, careful delivery drivers so our pizzas arrive hot and with the toppings intact. Our average delivery is just 30 minutes after ordering which ensures your pizza in the Unley area arrives hot and fresh, so you'll be able to satisfy your pizza cravings quickly.

Quality Ingredients and Convenient Unley Pizza

If you want to upgrade your Unley pizza delivery experience, we offer drinks and garlic bread which you can create combo deals with. If you need a sweet hit, we also offer cheesecake in three flavours. You can order and track your delivery through our website or app so it's an easy process to satisfy your Glenelg pizza cravings any day of the week. Read More

Before we perfected our recipes, we did plenty of research (basically we ate a lot of pizza). We quickly realised you couldn't beat an authentic Italian feast when it came to pizza. That's why we worked hard and hired a world-renowned pizza chef to perfect both Naples and Sicilian pizza to bring Italy to Unley with our pizza. Our Naples offerings come in 6 slices with great toppings and a delicious crispy base. Our Sicilian bases are deep-dish, and you get 8 slices to satisfy those who like more dough. From truffle paste to mozzarella, we use the best fresh ingredients on our bases and toppings to bring you a taste like no other. We think it's the closest you can get to Italy without having to step foot on a plane. Read Less

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Ready to Find Your Favourite Pizza Delivery in Unley?

All three of Hey Bianca's Adelaide kitchens are close to the Unley area, and our location at 254 Pulteney Street is approximately a 4-minute drive away. How's that for a speedy Unley takeaway pizza? You can't eat in as we're all about delivery, but you can collect from the window if you'd prefer. We don't have a phone number (who makes phone calls these days anyway?), but our friendly customer service team are happy to help through live chat on our app or website. Try game-changing pizza delivery that's been rated 4.9 stars on average by ordering today, you deserve a treat.

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