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Italian food is our love language; it’s simple, authentic and from the heart. We deliver Napoli and Sicilian-style pizza quickly to your door. Its pizza you'll love.

Average 30-min
Authentic Naples
& Sicilian Pizza
4.9 stars
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Quality Ingredients Equals Authentic Pizza in Magill

We worked hard on perfecting our recipes before we launched to bring both Naples and Sicilian-style pizza in Magill. So whether you're in the mood for a deep-dish Sicilian feast loaded with pepperoni, or a thinner crispy-based Napoli beauty packed with veg, we have something for you on our menu. We did plenty of research and hired a globally renowned chef to make sure our pizzas are the closest you can get to Italy without actually being there. If you can't decide what to order, we show the month's most popular pizzas on our homepage for some inspiration. From tomatoes to prosciutto, all our ingredients are quality and fresh ensuring the best taste as well as the best delivery.

Feel Like Takeaway Pizza in Magill Tonight?

We also create amazing garlic bread and offer a range of drinks. You can create combos with your take away pizza with these items if you fancy a bit more of a feast. If you like to finish your meal with a bit of sugar, we also have cheesecakes in three flavours. Read More

Maybe you're hesitant to order though because with your usual company you often have to wait for far too long, and then your Henley Beach pizza arrives cold, and you lose a lot of your delicious toppings when they're stuck to the lid. Well, we're happy to tell you that Hey Bianca has changed the Magill pizza delivery game. We felt that we had no choice after many disappointing pizza deliveries. With other chains, the pizza made in the restaurant is great, but they don't invest enough thought and care into the delivery process. We decided to make speedy, careful delivery our whole business model. Our founder has an extensive software background, so we used that knowledge to develop technology to help us average 30-minute deliveries. Our drivers excel at speedy deliveries with care, so your Magill pizza arrives quickly while it's hot and fresh, crisp rather than soggy, and you won't lose half your toppings to the lid. Read Less

THIS MONTH'S Popular Pizzas


Taste the closest thing to being in Italy.


Layers of cheese, topped with crispy potato.


Thick Sicilian dough, with Brooklyn's finest! 

Convenient, Trackable Pizza Delivery in Magill

Once you're ready to see why we have an average of 4.9 stars from reviews, you can order on our website or app from any of our three Adelaide-based kitchens. By allowing us to access your location, we can tell you which is closest to you for ease. You can't eat in as we're delivery focused, but if you'd rather collect your takeaway pizza for Magill and have a West Lakes pizza picnic nearby you're very welcome.

If Hey Bianca are delivering to you, you can track your delivery so you can see how close it is and get excited. We don't have a phone number because we want our team to put all their focus on making our great pizzas, but our customer service team members are ready to help through live chat on our website or app. Why not order tonight? We think you've earned a Magill pizza treat.

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