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Italian food is our love language; it’s simple, authentic and from the heart. We deliver Napoli and Sicilian-style pizza quickly to your door. Its pizza you'll love.

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Authentic Naples
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Looking for Hot and Tasty Pizza in the CBD?

Adelaide's famous central business area (CBD), known in less sophisticated parts of the world as the city centre or downtown, is a hive of activity, and where there are busy people, there is the need for grub. We've got a restaurant here and we'd love to see you, but if you can't get to us for whatever reason, we can come to you.

Offices and other places of work aren't usually kitted out with knives, forks, serviettes and placemats. That's why a lot of takeaway options are impractical, a mess waiting to happen and asking for some jobsworth managerial type to decree that no food is to be consumed on the premises. But it is not true that all takeaways are equal in that respect: the obvious choice is Adelaide pizza, and to get the best pizza in the city, you just need to get online on your computer or the app on your phone, and order your day-saving, appetite-satisfying meal from Hey Bianca. Getting pizza in the CBD really is that easy.

Why Use Hey Bianca for Pizza in Adelaide City?

True, you don't have to get it from us: we are just the obvious choice for several reasons. Do you want authentic Italian pizza? Do you want plenty of choice of toppings, including vegan options? And do you want it hot? Because that one is a crucial factor. Nothing is as appetizing as a piping hot pizza - it has you salivating as soon as you catch the aroma from the box. But if it's lukewarm, sloppy and second-rate, that's no good at all. We pride ourselves on delivering our pizza in the city, piping hot and at its peak of tastiness. Read More

Whether it's a pizza style from Naples or a Sicilian one, we have something you're going to love. Everybody has their favourite, and we've got all the bases covered. Whether you like the simple, traditional charms of the Margherita, named after the queen of Naples in 1889, a gutsy, robust-flavoured pepperoni, or a thoroughly up-to-the-minute vegan variety, pizza in Adelaide city can be a quick, authentic, delicious delight if you get it from us.

How Easy is it to Order Pizza in the City?

You don't need cash, just a card, so you don't have to make sure you've got the right change. And you don't have to speak to anyone; if you do order on your phone, it's online or via the app. And talking of the app, if you download it, you'll get $5 off your first Glenelg pizza. And once you have the app, the world is your marinara (oysters are so 20th century). So, do it all online, quietly, discreetly, so you don't get everyone else excited, and then you just have to fend them all off when your sumptuous repast arrives. Or send an email around the place and be the saviour of the office, ordering for everyone and bringing the communal energy level back up by the proud, professional but homespun virtues of pizza in the city. Read Less

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Pizza in Adelaide City: Takeaway & Delivery Available

There's no time like the present, although some times are more appropriate than others. But if you're hungry, who says you can't enjoy a St Clair pizza at any hour of the day? And if you don't happen to be in CBD right now, just remember that the next time you are there, you can get the best pizza in Adelaide delivered to your door by Hey Bianca. Just to be sure you remember, why not download the app? Then you're already $5 to the good.

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